How to sell ?

Private Treaty

Public or mail bid auctions

Whether buying or selling, we propose that you become partners in the auction space, therefore linking our interests.

According to the items proposed and after agreement from us, you can entrust us with your letters, stamps, and/or collections of all magnitudes for our upcoming sales. A deposit slip of the lot is written during the delivery and we will set an overall estimate for your deposit.

Regarding important pieces, we can mutually set a reserve price under which no sale is possible, in order to best ensure your interests. Upon delivery of the lot(s), we will fully implement our insurance to cover the risk of damage, theft, deterioration, loss… For exceptional cases, we offer a down payment during the entire delivery process.

We will include your object(s )in our catalogue and offer on your account, your object to our international clients through a sale. In order to fully clarify our momentary partnership, our commission, which varies on the sale and commodity offered, includes all expenses inherent in the publication in the catalogue:

Research, descriptions, insurance, reproductions, advertising, etc, no additional fees will be claimed subsequently, other than special state taxes, if applicable. Once the auction or sale has terminated and payment of the items is received, we will settle by check or bank transfer within 45 days. In case the object remains unsold, that said item would be returned to you as soon as possible, at no extra cost, other than by special mention pre-established upon delivery.