How to buy ?

We offer two options for your philatelic purchases.

Mail bid auction

We perform on average 2-4 sales each year and there are now more than 100 already organized. On request, a catalogue (also available on our website in PDF format) is available for you during our sale. Lots viewing in Paris on our premises is offered over a time period ranging from one week to 15 days so that you can see all the parts of the lot(s) or collections.

After receipt of your bid forms, we proceed to the closing of the sale to the highest bidder, by awarding each of the lots, priced at the lower bid plus €2. This sale system, own a few, includes Philately and numismatics, exists since the beginning of the 20th century and remains very current. You can, with each of our sales, entrust to us lots and collections which we shall sell for you, for a variable commission, depending on the importance of the commodity.

A catalog dedicated exclusively to your set may be possible for large collections and highly specialized studies. We remain at your disposal to provide any additional information

Public auction

Very practised outside France, where mail bid auction are more prevalent, public auctions have many advantages that attract many international customers. The sales process differs little from mail bid auction, except that the stamps are sold on D-day, publicly, to the highest bidder. These sales, for rare pieces of exception, often achieve superior results.

We organize 1 to 3 sales per year including our prestigious auction during the international Monacophil exhibition.