How to buy ?

Some basic rules are needed before a purchase can be executed and La Maison Boule wants to win and keep your trust.

Whether you buy on our website, during our auctions we fully commit to complete responsibility:

  • to the authenticity of the object
  • to the quality as described in the catalogue or on our website.

If for whatever reason this object is not consistent with our description, we will either exchange it, depending on availability, or take back the item within three weeks against a refund.

Once these rules have been established and agreed upon, we propose, depending on our specialties, different purchasing methods:

  • Participate in our auctions: these publicly held sales are open to everyone who may attend without any constraints. Once the item is purchased and paid for according to the final invoice, you will be issued your purchase without delay.
  • We will provide all possible means for you to bid: presence in the room of course, but you can also participate in the sale from home by Internet or reserve a phone call for one or more items.
  • Participate in our mail bid auctions (philately and sometimes numismatics)¬†: after the counting of received posted offers received before the closing date, each batch is assigned in a simple procedure to the highest bidder. The lots are delivered or shipped to you after payment of the invoice.